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no judgement here

OMG do I have the correct reusable bag with me?  Will they notice I’m not wearing organic clothing?  If I ask for help then the person behind the counter will know I’m a total newbie……

In a recent conversation with one of our lovely stockists she mentioned the fear behind people feeling like they are being judged when they enter an ‘eco shop’. That lead on to us talking about how do we take that awkward feeling away and make going eco an enjoyable and non judgmental experience for those of us starting our eco journey.  No one is going to judge you, if they know you need help then they will respect the fact you have decided to make the change.  After all that’s why most of these small business family run stores have started their eco/refill shops.  They want to be a change for good in the community.  If the only people who entered an eco-shop were ‘greenies’ then we wouldn’t be making any progress in the world.  Still not convinced?   Then you can always shop on line for your eco goodies, but you won’t get the same personal help that can set you in the right direction.

Look, let me be blunt – we are not all angels when it comes to how we live.  I’ll be the first to put my hand up and say that I still have items in my possession that I need to swap out.  The key is ‘small changes are what makes a difference’.  It could be as simple as buying a ‘shampoo bar’ instead of that bottle of shampoo you always get, or it might be ditching your old plastic toothbrush and trying a bamboo one.

One of my best finds was going away from my natural deodorant in a plastic bottle to my favourite Aotearoad cardboard tube deodorant.  I love their green one with zesty bergamot + lime as it really works for me, and just saying, I’ve never smelt better.  Totally in love.

But if I was being honest I looked at the mesh fabric loofer ball in the shower the other day and thought ‘how is that good for the planet’? It wasn’t even on my radar to swap it out, but now its older and time to replace I’m left considering two things – what am I going to do with the old one & what other better options are out there?  It has made me stop and think, consequently I’m on a mission to find the best alternative which is sort of exciting.

It’s great to be an eco-warrior but many of us are just at the start of the journey and busy rewiring our brains to change the behaviour we have had since birth.   It’s not our fault, times have changed and we have evolved and recognise that we must do things differently before it is too late.  So be kind to yourself – it’s a marathon not a sprint. 

Plastic Free July challenge is a great starting point.  Eyeball that one thing in your life that can be ditched and replaced with a more eco-friendly product – then do me a favour TELL YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY about it.  Remember if they don’t take your suggestion on board – don’t judge, #bekind

Our stockists page will help you find a lovely eco stockist in your area – otherwise you can just google eco shopping and you will be surprised how many places pop up.

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