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op shopping - chic & sustainable

Warning, you may just walk away with unique threads for amazingly low prices and find thrift shopping contagious…I’ll admit to a small addiction.

Thrift shopping is having a moment. More and more people are giving pre-loved clothing & homewares a second chance at life and for a good reason. I’m here to tell you upcycling and repurposing as its known, has become super trendy and is a fantastic way to shop and do your bit for the environment.  It’s not only fun, especially with like-minded friends, but you are bound to find too-good-to-be-true prices on unique products.  By buying second hand, we’re part of the circle of reusing and cutting down on waste and landfill.  Personally I do it because it brings me joy. 

A vintage tin find makes a great unique gift filled with homemade slice

second hand rules

It’s important to note that not all op shops are created equal – and people seem to have some firmly grounded preconceived ideas.  Sure you get the odd one that smells like old people and moth balls (exit quickly and move on) but then you have the hidden gems.   I tend to stick to my favourite local ones on the Hibiscus Coast. Some handy links below to start you on your journey. 

Op shopping for clothes means you often get unique pieces to create your own style.  Perks of this are that you get to have a whole new wardrobe at little cost to your pocket and the earth. I also have some great kitchenware, cookbooks, cushions and retro rugs that I’ve found on my travels.  I’ve even been known to op shop overseas and bring treasures home as hand luggage – true.  

Here’s some advice that I often overlook myself – take cash with you, this way you will only walk out with what you need, because we don’t want to become a ‘Magpie’ and fill our homes with meaningless stuff, just because it looks cool.  If you have no self-control then leave the eftpos card at home.

giving back

Be a giver, not just a shopper.  The facts are that op shops need donations to survive.  So the dress you haven’t worn for 2 years, the vase you got as a birthday gift that you hate, the kid’s toys that they grew out of – all of these deserve a new home with someone else.  Donate to your local thrift shop, someone will be thrilled to find them, and only too happy to pay quarter of the price to give them a new home.

 These wonderful treasure troves would not be possible without the volunteers at second hand shops like Hospice, Salvation Army and St Vincent de Paul.  They do an amazing job, and each time you spend money with them you are giving back to the community and supporting great causes and wonderful people. It’s a total win win, which is just one reason I love it. 

So if you don’t need it please pass it on; and if you’ve never dared enter a thrift shop, then consider just perhaps you are missing out on a real adventure.  Op shops prove you can be chic & sustainable at the same time and it doesn’t have to cost the earth.




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