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We are a husband and wife team passionate about making a difference, doing our bit to help reduce waste and empower people to live a ‘GoodLife’. Our hope is to be part of the solution.

The Goodlife brand was established in 2000 when we lived rural.  The iconic NZ fantail representing ‘new direction and change’ was the perfect fit for our brand. “Own Your Choice” is a reinforcement to remind people that actions equal outcome and each of us has the power of choice.


Our personal journey started a few years ago with a gradual awareness that we could do things differently in our own household.   It has meant changing habits of a lifetime – no more plastic drinking straws or plastic zip lock bags, using compostable rubbish bags, remembering to take reusable cups & drink bottles out and about, opting for glass storage over plastic and being mindful of what we buy.  Growing our own sprouts and having a vegetable garden for optimum sustainable healthy living is big part of our lives, as we are massive foodies and love cooking for family & friends. Op Shops and upcycling is also something we support and enjoy doing.   We believe small changes and simple actions daily do make a difference. 

We are very proud of our beautiful hand-picked range of GoodLife products.  Each item we offer is something we have tried, tested and put to use in our everyday life.  It is our intention to make all our products stylish, practical and affordable enabling more people to start living an eco-conscious life.  We have created simple clean eco packaging and have opted for a minimal approach where possible.   

We hope our GoodLife products excite and inspire you, your family and friends!

#Own Your Choice

 Leanne & Mike